Today in 1934

Today in 1934 – Lillian Hellman’s “Children’s Hour,” premieres in NYC…And on this day in 2013 we are so very blessed, grateful and UPSIDEDOWNIA WITH JOYOUS THANKS to EVIE PECK, RUTH GALLAGHER, JEFF LIEBER, JILL BURKHART, ROO RUANE, AND YET ANOTHER WONDROUS ANONYMOUS!!! So on this ever so GLORIOUS AND GLADDENING TUESDAY MORN, I like to express MUCH THANKS and muchiness to you and our most recent benefactors! We are OVER OUR GOAL!! O’ HOOORAY!!! AND we are still going strong with 16 days left there is ALWAYS more work to be done, more room at the pond for our community to grow, and more first edition signed copies to order! Please keep sharing and liking if you are so moved, but for what you have already done, THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!

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