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Bitsy and Raff | Bitsy and Raff - A timeless story for Children of All Ages

Bitsy and Raff – A timeless story for Children of All Ages


I’ll give you a hint: It’s SOMETHING WONDERFUL! And it opens the door to a whole SERIES of adventures in the pond and beyond.


The tale of Bitsy and Raff celebrates the power of friendship and the importance of inclusion in our increasingly complicated world. When a child is encouraged to befriend others in spite of– or better yet, IN APPRECIATION of–differences, the whole community wins. The ensuing series of books will take Bitsy and Raff on further adventures, which will inspire, enlighten, or sometimes simply ENTERTAIN!

Your contribution will be used directly for: (in addition to Scott Cohen’s fanciful…er… suggestions in our campaign video.)

  • Creating the illustrations for our first book. The exquisite detail and layers of watercolor take a lot of time!
  • Professional design of the book and cover. We estimate 32 pages.
  • Printing of the first edition. You’ll get a copy if you donate $50 or more!
  • Printing of an e-book version. We’ll send you that, too!
  • Printing of T-shirts and Posters. You’ll also get these, depending on your contribution level!
  • Marketing of the book to reach the widest audience.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to:

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)