On November 14, 1940…

On November 14, 1940, Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” was released… and on this day in 2013 we are so very blessed, and we have YOU to thank for it! Why, in just 22 days we have nearly 450 likes on BITSY ANS RAFF’S FB page, 206 wondrous funders, numerous good cheer heralders, one wondrous fairy, Kelli Bosko building our website and we are 77% closer to reaching our ultimate goal! Yes, we are so very blessed with only 23% more to go!!! So on this ever so heartwarming morning, I like to express MUCH THANKS and muchiness to you and our most recent benefactors! ELIZABETH McDADE, JEANNIE773, DANI KINLA, ALISON TATLOCK, JILL FERG, & CHRIS SCHMIDT!!! YES, I DO BELIEVE BITSY AND RAFF STORY WILL LIVE FOR MUCH MORE THAN JUST ONE DAY!!! HOORAY!!!

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