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Bitsy and Raff – Written by David Caudle and Illustrated By Anastasia Traina



A timeless story for Children of All Ages

The tale of Bitsy and Raff celebrates the power of friendship and the importance of inclusion in our increasingly complicated world. When a child is encouraged to befriend others in spite of– or better yet, IN APPRECIATION of– differences, the whole community wins. The ensuing series of books will take Bitsy and Raff on further adventures, which will inspire, enlighten, or sometimes simply ENTERTAIN!


“Just outside of a town near you,
A pond ripples softly with waters of blue.
Over the waters there’s always a breeze
That bends and sways the strongest of reeds.”


“All the pond knew, he was the weakest of reeds.
He could barely withstand a ladybug’s sneeze.
He cowered so low and bowed down his head.
And wished he could be a strong reed, instead.”

“Raff’s feebleness wasn’t embarrassing only
It also made Raff the Reed rather lonely.
No butterfly ever sat down on poor Raff.
The very idea made the butterflies laugh.”


“Then one day a strange new butterfly appeared.
She flew in odd circles and that just seemed weird.”

“The others went on with their laughing and talk,
But Raff watched as Bitsy sat down on a rock.
Bitsy sat on the rock, and down it did sink!
Deep down in the mud!  What was Raff to think?
How could itsy Bitsy weigh that heavy rock down?
She couldn’t weigh more than one gazillionth of a pound!”