As Thanksgiving quickly approaches….

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I recall our wonderful experience last week reading for the very young children at PS 51. Whenever we asked the kids for their thoughts, they eagerly raised their hands, though it turned our that some either didn’t know what to say or felt shy to say it. I realized they raised their hands mainly because they just wanted to take part. I think about that expression, ‘to take part.’ It occurs to me that none of us should ever need to ‘take’ part. We all are born with an equal part to play in this world. It is ours by right. No words or actions from any person can minimize the value of any other. Lets look for reasons to celebrate each person’s presence in this world with us! This goes to the very heart of the story of Bitsy and Raff, a message we feel it is important to instill in children from a very early age. The overwhelming support you have all shown makes me give thanks that so many of you value this message of inclusion! Thank you to all who have supported thus far and to those who will join us! We have ten more days to make this the best it can be! Bless you all for doing your part!

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