THE WONDROUSLY DIVINE DAVID SALLE ( GAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND THOUGHT PROVOKING FOREWARD ANY AUTHOR OR ILLUSTRATOR COULD HOPE FOR… HERE IS JUST A SNEAK PEAK INTO WHAT MR. SALLE HAD TO SAY ABOUT BITSY AND RAFF ~ David Caudle’s story about a butterfly and a singular reed, twinned as it is with Anastasia Traina’s magical paintings, is lyrical, touching, tender, and funny. The butterflies have extravagantly beautiful faces; their wings are like the jeweled tapestries of one’s imagination. The book is charming in the best sense of that under-appreciated word—it charms. It draws the reader into a fantastical world then introduces into that world a real-life dilemma that the characters must resolve. Bitsy and Raff is, in its way, a serious drama for the pre–Dorothy Parker set. Caudle’s theme ( or, as we say to children, the “moral” of the story) —the acceptance of difference, the avoidance of judging or preconceived notions about value—is one we are never too old to hear again or to reformulate for whatever context is at hand.
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