O’ hooray, hooray! We are over 7,000.00 dollars…

O’ hooray, hooray! We are over 7,000.00 dollars, 43 % of our goal is achieved with 104 fantastically fabulous funders, however, there is still a long swim ahead of us… Won’t you please consider helping our butterfly strokes by donating a dollar or two or more to this beautiful and uplifting anti-bulling story ~

The tale of Bitsy and Raff by David Caudle celebrates the power of friendship and the importance of inclusion in our increasingly complicated world. When a child is encouraged to befriend others in spite of– or better yet, IN APPRECIATION of– differences, the whole community wins. The ensuing series of books will take Bitsy and Raff on further adventures, which will inspire, enlighten, or sometimes simply ENTERTAIN! Here is how you can ~


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