UPDATE!!! To all our wonderfully PATIENT supporters

UPDATE!!! To all our wonderfully PATIENT supporters, we THANK YOU for your forbearance for TWO THINGS: One: The long wait for the book, and Two: the length of this update!

Artistic endeavors often benefit from a measure of time, for clarity and refinement. We feel confident that our time has been well-spent! Aided by the keen editorial eye of Priya Barr, we reviewed the fantastic first draft of the book’s layout by our talented graphic designer Laura Lindgren. This showed us that we had just a bit more work to do, honing the text and adding new images. (Some say Less Is More but In the case of Anastasia Traina’s work, the more the merrier!) Ana executed another full page illustration, and several smaller ones for visual punctuation. Then, we were incredibly blessed to have our FOREWORD written by world-renowned American artist, DAVID SALLE! His wonderfully thoughtful words about children’s literature in general and BITSY and RAFF in particular have blown us away.

TODAY, busy Ana has compiled all the images along with the Foreword and the Text and sent it back to designer Laura. We now wait for her busy schedule to allow her to complete the layout, and then WE GO TO PRINT!!! It is now out of our hands, so don’t quote us on this, but we HOPE to have books printed by Thanksgiving!

A Signed First Edition copy will be sent to all who donated at the Snapping Turtle Level ($50 or higher). Everyone who donated at the Lily Pad Level ($25 or higher) will receive a PDF version of the book to view on your computer. And those who donated at the Mallard Level ($100, who did not receive a t-shirt) as well as ALL who donated at the Star-Nosed Mole Level ($150) and above, will receive a POSTER of Bitsy and Raff to hang on your wall or give to a special Friend!

Forgive us the overuse of the Exclamation Point. We are just so very excited. And infinitely GRATEFUL to ALL OF YOU!!!

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