THERE IS SO VERY MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR…Tis December 1st, O’ the winter solstice shall soon be here and the days will begin to be longer! Hooray!! And rumor has it… Little Bo Peep and all her sheep have
joyful ringing in their ears for they have heard the jolly news that Bitsy and Raff have surpassed their goal!!! So it is with a Baba here, and a Baba there, and one thousand and one woolly kisses that they would like to impart for all their friends at the pond to… DEBRA WEINFELD & MPTFLYNN FOR THEIR MOST GENEROUS LOVELY CONTRIBUTION/ORDER of a First Edition Signed Copy of Bitsy and Raff!!!

Although, we have reached our goal there is still so much more work to be done as we are finding out everyday! AND NOW, Bitsy and Raff has just a week left to convince, enchant, propose, twist, enthrall, illuminate, and otherwise simply ask all those who haven’t quite yet, to join in our campaign of inclusion and friendship!!! PLEASE take a peek and hop on BITSY AND RAFF CAMPAIGN!


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