On this dusty dust pink day as the sun rose over the hills

On this dusty dust pink day as the sun rose over the hills, Mr. Morrison and his chorus of one hummed such a tune of joyful thanks to KAREN WHITFORD, GRISSELLE01, JEFF CRUMBLEY, AND JESSICA WEIL GLASSMAN for putting us just a teensy-bit over the top!

Although, we have reached our goal there is still so much more work to be done as we are finding out everyday! AND NOW, Bitsy and Raff has just 4 DAYS left to convince, enchant, propose, twist, enthrall, illuminate, and otherwise simply ask all those who haven’t quite yet, to join in our campaign of inclusion and friendship!!! PLEASE take a peek and hop on BITSY AND RAFF CAMPAIGN! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bitsy-the-heaviest-butterfly-and-raff-the-tenderest-reed-a-new-picture-book


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