O’ the clock had struck five on this unusually warm Dec. 5th eve…

O’ the clock had struck five on this unusually warm Dec. 5th eve… AND THERE IS ONLY 10 HOURS LEFT TO OUR LITTLE CAMPAIGN, BUT before it all ends there are certain things I must do…first, I shall share A LITTLE BIT MORE OF THAT EENSY-WEENSY CORNER ~ Watercolor in progress by Anastasia Traina ON PROPER PAPER ~ 2013

“Just outside of a town near you,
A pond ripples softly with waters of blue. Written by David Caudle — — with David Caudle.

NOW, without further ado we would like to say our evening THANK YOUS, sprinkled with one thousand and one bestest friend mushy hugs to, ETHAN AND ERICA SILVERMAN, 3 X ANONYMOUS, AND SSTEVEMCC!!

Although, we have reached our goal there is still so much more work to be done as we are finding out everyday! AND NOW, Bitsy and Raff has just 19 HOURS left to convince, enchant, propose, twist, enthrall, illuminate, and otherwise simply ask all those who haven’t quite yet, to join in our campaign of inclusion and friendship!!! PLEASE take a peek and hop on BITSY AND RAFF CAMPAIGN! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bitsy-the-heaviest-butterfly-and-raff-the-tenderest-reed-a-new-picture-book


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