Greetings to all…

First we like to say a very heartfelt thanks to all those who have already helped us to bring the timeless story, BITSY the Heaviest Butterfly and RAFF the Tenderest Reed: A New Picture Book, a timeless story of the power of friendship into vivid life through the beautiful, magical illustrations of Anastasia Traina!

You have all made this such a magical experience for both David and I, and it is that very feeling of magic that we hope to share with others.

We have not yet offer this BITSY AND RAFF to any mainstream publisher, and it is very likely we will (very soonishly) work with such an entity to produce a trade edition with the aid of our wondrous agent Allison Cohen at the helm. But before we submit to the challenges and compromises of the marketplace, we hope to create a truly special volume, befitting an heirloom. And it is precisely with your pre-orders of Bitsy and Raff’s Special Edition that we hope to fulfill our vision past even our own expectations. So once again we are asking for your help by pre-ordering your own signed copy of Bitsy and Raff’s Special Edition.



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